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Portland Short Sale Realtors

The Federal Government has protections in place for Oregon homeowners who complete short sales on their primary residences. It should be noted that investment property, cash-out second mortgages and home equity lines of credit often fall under different guidelines. To

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Our Team of Portland Real Estate Professionals

We're licensed real estate brokers and practicing SFR Certified Portland short sale specialists. We look forward to earning your business through personalized service. Our firm, Oregon Realty Co counts itself among the largest locally owned and operated real estate brokerages in our State and we're proud of our excellent reputation. If you have questions for a Portland short sale Realtor, call us today to learn more about Short Sales in Portland Oregon.

Negotiators Specializing in Short Sales

As certified specialists, we offer our clients proven, practical solutions for those faced with job transfers, relocation, reduced hours/wages, divorce and other financial hardships. Our team of licensed SFR (Short Sale Foreclosure Resource) Certified Real Estate Brokers with Oregon Realty Co have made listing and selling short sales in Portland, OR a specialty. With innumerable closed transactions working with a wide variety of banks and mortgage companies our reputation as professionals in our area of expertise is unsurpassed. Not only are we market-seasoned Realtors, we also understand that our clients require discreet, confidential service and that most people don't want to shout that they're behind on their mortgage from the rooftop. As experienced short sale specialists, we put the home owner in the driver's seat and in order to be discreet we often do without cumbersome yard signs (which usually only attract marginally interested neighbors anyway). In keeping with the digital age, we advertise our Portland short sale listings on the Oregon Realty Co Website, our own websites as well as on the Regional Multiple Listing Service and we've found these mediums to be the most effective (although we do provide print-ads upon request). In the course of our tenure as Portland short sale specialists we have cultivated numerous professional industry contacts which offer valuable marketing for our clients in that it's not only about what you know so much as who you know at times.

Professionalism in Service, Experience in Action

As experienced professionals we never outsource our short sale specialist negotiations. Some agents claim to "do short sales" when they actually farm out the vital negotiations which comprise the core of a short sale. Other inexperienced Realtors may be uncomfortable with these transactions choose to outsource their short sale negotiations. In contrast, we negotiate all short sales in-house because we believe in personal responsibility and doing the job right. As seasoned negotiators we have developed specific winning short sale tactics which can very often delay foreclosure to allow more time to complete the short sale and give our clients a chance to begin rebuilding their lives. Call us today to talk in person with a seasoned Portland short sale specialist: 503-445-6104.

Short Sale Agent Services For The Portland Metro Area

As a team of professional Realtors specializing in Short Sale Listings for greater Portland Oregon, selling properties while continually innovating within these scenarios is our primary focus. Short sales are complicated but our wealth of experience allows us to become specialists, employing our proven techniques to streamline transactions while accomplishing our clients’ goals of debt reduction/elimination. We list your home and showcase your property in many discreet and effective ways to help sell your home and release the mortgage. This process can take some time to complete and sellers can stay in the house during the short sale process if they choose to. Call us to learn more about what a Portland short sale specialist can do for you: 503-445-6104.

Short Sale Specialist Feature: Equator.com, Hubzu.com, Res.net & Other Online Resources

What is the "Equator" asset management system?

Equator.com is an independent website that serves as a real estate management portal used by banks to manage short sales and foreclosures. Bank asset managers and short sale specialist Realtors have secure Equator accounts that they can log into for the management of short sale and foreclosure workflow and information. When the Realtor/SFR-specialist lists a property they upload that property into the Equator system if the bank is an Equator member. The Equator system then assigns "tasks" to be completed by the Realtor and by the bank's employees or asset managers. For example, the Realtor uploads a third party authorization form in the "Authorization" task which then triggers a bank task to review the third party authorization for validity. Then, an "upload offer" task may be assigned to the Realtor (SFR short sale specialist). Once the offer upload is completed the bank asset manager would be prompted with tasks to review the offer and to order a valuation of the property (A BPO "Broker Price Opinion" or Appraisal).

What Banks Use Equator?

Major financial institutions with a strong market-share in Portland, Oregon include Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Nationstar among many others. Banks use the Equator system for managing data and workflow between bank asset managers and short sale specialist Realtors working in the field. If you're contemplating a short sale in Portland, make sure the Realtors you list with are very familiar with Equator and have their own accounts. At times, agents will mention Equator in passing as a name-drop but if for best results make sure that your Realtors negotiate their own short sales. Otherwise you run the risk of added middle-man fees or at best the listing agent becoming little than a superfluous 3rd wheel while the short sale negotiator handles most if not all of the workflow.

Other Online Short Sale Specialist Systems

The job description of the short sale specialist has grown and evolved during the housing crash and recovery and today simply being aware of the Equator system isn't enough. Competing management systems such as Res.net offer a very similar platform to Equator, albeit each has its own unique foibles. Also worthy of note is the expansion of the "Homepath" website for Fannie Mae properties in distress (more about Homepath in expanding section below). In addition to workflow management systems some banks also use secure email services. Wells Fargo's "Voltage" secure email system requires you to click a link, verify a personalized security image and then log into the secure website in order to read and respond to messages. Be aware that Wells Fargo does not allow short sale specialists to upload documents into Equator's "Library" section so if one needs to send a pdf document directly to a Wells Fargo bank negotiator the voltage system must be used. Other online resources used at times include the Hubzu.com online real estate auction service used by Ocwen's short sale department to offer short sale properties for auction bids in an online format. Ocwen and other banks are using the Hubzu system as kind of a second-chance system to see if anyone would offer them a better price for the property before they approve the short sale offer. And, while our office is only a single data point for Portland, OR we have found the Hubzu system to produce lower quality (and much lower priced) offers than an offer from a serious buyer who has seen the house in person. That said, for banks that require a series of auctions the best course of action is to simply cooperate and jump through the required hoops so as to move the short sale forward to the approval stage.

HomePath For Short Sales

The website HomePathForShortSales.com allows short sale specialist Realtors to bypass the bank and communicate directly with the mortgage insurer or "investor" for some parts of the short sale process. One still needs to communicate with the bank who is the "Mortgage Servicer" however, property valuation, offer submission and other tasks can now be accomplished by the real estate agent working directly with Fannie Mae, as opposed to previously where all short sale specialist communication went from Realtor, to bank (mortgage servicer), and then to Fannie Mae (the "Investor" or mortgage insurer). This new direct communication may well streamline the process however it's also likely that there will be growing pains, bugs and other glitches while Fannie Mae and its servicers sort through the details of this new organization. That said, it's very likely that Homepath will help to streamline the process in the long run and this prospect is very exciting for Portland short sale negotiators. When we list a property as a short sale we Realtors can now check the loan to see whether it is Fannie Mae backed on the Homepath system. Once this information is verified we upload an authorization and commence the valuation process. The valuation will directly determine what the investor and the bank will accept as a discount settlement on the property. When an offer comes in, the short sale Realtor will now be able to send the offer documents directly to Fannie Mae for review rather than going through the indirect route of submitting the offer to the mortgage servicer via fax or through the Equator system.