Portland Housing & Retirement

With so much emphasis placed on the great deals available on housing at least some
attention to the situation of baby-boomer generation home owners caught up in the
housing crisis. In some cases reduced equity in the Portland Housing Market has reached the point to leave some
people nearing retirement with greatly reduced net worth to the level of making them
unable to retire. Further complicating the situation are reduced values of stock
and bond portfolios including corporate and private retirement accounts. Corporate
retirement funds that invested heavily in mortgage backed securities during the
housing boom are now struggling to stay out of the red and have been inundated in
the flood of bad mortgages. One silver lining to this storm-cloud of impending
financial ruin is the fact that those with positive equity now have the opportunity
to purchase Portland, Oregon properties at the greatly discounted prices available in the distressed
housing market.

Another consolation is the fact that many retirement areas are now much more
affordable; thereby opening up many markets to buyer who could previously not afford
to purchase there. Also, for those in a strong equity position reduced value may
not matter as much in that even though sellers won’t get as much for their home they
can in turn purchase another home and realize equal if not greater savings. In
closing it appears that although many people have lost considerable wealth and net
worth opportunities to save big certainly exist in abundance.

Retirement & the Housing Market

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